If you are pro-porn, pro-BDSM, pro-sex work, please unfollow me (unless you are open to changing your ideas about these things).

All of these industries are abuse/violence against women.

it’s so nice to see civilians caring about…

I will never ever ever support the sex work industry because women are abused/harmed in it. If you wouldn’t have sex with these men for free, you shouldn’t have to have sex with them for money (I understand “have to” is a bad way to put it but you get the idea). If you’re doing something for money that you would absolutely never ever ever do for free (esp in relation to sex) that’s coercion. Maybe you’re happy with that. But I can’t be happy with the fact that women are used for sex. Maybe in your case, it’s fine but I’ve actually read quite a bit about how horrific some sex workers are treated. Also people who are “actually” in the industry are traffickers and women who are trafficked. I can’t support an industry for that. If there is demand, people will create supply (aka prostitutes).That’s why I made this post in the first place.

thats the worst argument ive ever heard
you know a chef wouldn’t spend 8 hours a day cooking for people unless it was their job. a hairdresser wouldn’t cut my hair unless i was paying her to. do you think when i get my feet massaged, the person actively wants to do it. thats literally how a job works.
the sex industry is one of the oldest and it will always be here
and the fact that you’re speaking over sexworkers right now only shows that you dont actually care about us
your opinions are bad and you should bad

oh and fyi i have loads of  i would definitely sleep with if i met them on the street. some of my clients are guys i would have been too shy to approach on the street because theyre gorgeous, smart, funny etc. obviously not all of them are that way, but just like in any other job, you dont have to absolutely love your client to perform your job.

Of course a chef wouldn’t work for free in our society you vapid ignoramus. We live in a fundamentally exploitative society where workers are reduced to wage-slavery in order to just survive under capitalism. Sex work is an evil necessitated by exploitation and the intrinsic failure of capitalism to meet the needs of the masses despite eliminating scarcity of resources. Sex work unto itself produces nothing of material value and is merely direct commodification of the human body. Also, there are plenty of people who would work for free if all their needs were met simply because they know it is the right thing to do. Message me off-anon if you want to go at it. I’d be happy to give you a new perspective.    

ive never heard anything so stereotypically pseudo-intellectual white anarchist in my life

lol laughing at these ignorant fucks so hard

ii feel like this is partially my fault, and i am so proud. Sex workers are fucking amazing and brilliant.

SWERFs are so fucking awful. The worst. Shut your goddamn mouth, saturdaymorning. You know nothing.

Could I point out that along the same lines as “Sex work unto itself produces nothing of material value and is merely direct commodification of the human body” you could say the same thing about actors, professional athletes, and clothing models. I didn’t hear you say any of those professions was wrong in itself just for being what it is and not producing anything. And before you say “well they produce art and entertainment” send me some essence of art, or a block of entertainment, and I’ll believe that those two things are “material” values. 

Sex work is merely a way for someone to sell something they are good at that other people want. If the society we were in allowed women to adequately display their sexual appetites so that they could find male sex workers with the same indiscretion as males find female sex workers, then this wouldn’t even be an argument. 

Also I’m willing to bet that you have 0 firsthand experience with the sex industry or even having conversations with sex workers. “I will never ever ever support the sex work industry because women are abused/harmed in it.” Women are abused/harmed in almost every profession, however physical harm against sex workers is probably less likely than domestic abuse against married women. 

And in fact it is

One in four women is the result of domestic abuse in her lifetime, but only one in six women experiences attempted or completed rape in her lifetime, As well most sex workers employ their pimps (not the other way around) for protection, which again reduces the chance of continuous abuse. 

In fact, women in the sex industry are actually less likely to face sexual exploitation than women in any other industry, where an estimated 35% of the female workforce has been sexually exploited at least once.

So 1/3 in comparison to 1/6, holy shit that is twice as many women forced into sexual exploitation despite their job having nothing to do with it. 

Also just one last thing to point out. Do you know how many people are having consensual sex right now, paid for or not? Neither the fuck do I, because it doesn’t affect either of us and no one’s getting hurt unless they asked to. Which is one of the main concepts of BDSM. That SM stands for Sadism/Masochism in case you didn’t even do enough research to find that out (it also is part of the DS which stands for domination/submission). 

Literally no part of your argument is even valid or true, so please go to the library, or even just google, and read something before you open your mouth and sound like an idiot. 


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